Paper Submission

Deadline extension for extended abstract
Due to many requests, we decided to extend the submission deadline to 9 am (JST), April 25 (Mon).

All submissions will be handled electronically via the conference's CMT website
( ).

In CMT, users are identified by their emails. Please note that authors should create a new CMT account for ICServ2016 conference even if you have used CMT before for other conferences.

Instructions for the Authors of ICServ2016
ICServ2016 includes 12 regular sessions and 5 special sessions.

Regular sessions

  • Human-centered Service System
  • Service Design
  • Service Economics & Policy
  • Service eco-system
  • Service engineering & technologies
  • Service Innovation
  • Service management and operations
  • Service marketing
  • Service practices (healthcare, tourism, education, communication, retail, food service, contents service, etc.)
  • Servitization and Productization
  • Theoretical perspectives on Service
  • Value co-creation and context

Special session 1: Meaningful Technology for seniors
Special session 2: METI Human Resource program in University
Special session 3: Nihon Service Award
Special session 4: S3FIRE project
Special session 5: Service activities in Cool Japan

All authors must submit extended abstract of their paper by April 15 April 25 (JST 9am). Please follow the extended abstract format and upload it on CMT as an attached file.
After your paper are accepted, all authors of regular sessions and Special session 1 (Meaningful Technology for Seniors) must submit full or short paper by July 15 using each template.
Full papers (Research papers, 4-8 pages), which are presenting interesting recent results or novel ideas on service researches. Short papers (Works-in-Progress papers, 2-4 pages), which are presenting interesting and exciting recent results or on-going research including case studies, or novel ideas on businesses. We encourage practitioners and researchers to submit short paper as it provides a unique opportunity for sharing valuable ideas, eliciting useful feedback on early-stage work, and fostering discussions and collaborations among colleagues.

Format of full/short paper
Full paper submissions should follow the double column format of ICServ2016 with no less than 4 pages and no more than 8 pages. Short paper should be the double column format of ICServ2016 without exceeding 4 pages including tables, figures, and references. Please use the following templates for the submissions.
Full paper template
Short paper template

Instruction for the authors of special session programs
Authors for the Special session 1 (Meaningful Technology for Seniors) should submit Extended Abstract by April 15 April 25 (JST 9am) and then submit full papers or short papers by July 15. Those papers will be presented as a regular paper presentation as same as regular sessions.
Other special sessions (special session 2, 3, 4 and 5) will be presented as a poster session. Authors of those special sessions should submit extended abstract by April 15 April 25 (JST 9am), but don’t need to submit full/short paper. The authors must prepare posters for the presentation in the conference (September 6-8). The format of poster is in preparation.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.